Nelson, Dr. Timothy E.

The Afro-Frontier is a postscript for Black people who conceived of and erected Afrotopia in New Mexico."

The 1519 Project

As a scholar, Dr. Nelson’s discovery of Blackdom Oil Company unearthed Blackdom’s roaring        
20s that was lost to history. His work illuminates the significance of African descendants in
diaspora engaging a chaotic Borderlands at the turn of the 20th Century. The story of Race
burdens the narrative and often handicaps the value assessors who authorize culture production.
As an alternative to “Race” thinking, his work invites four dimensions; of which, relate to the
Blackdomite experience–front side of the Du Boisian veil, behind the veil of double
consciousness, the veil, and the impact of time.
The Blackdom Thesis represents a visual paradigm shift from “Exoduster-ism” to AfroFrontier-
ism. The Afro-Frontier is a postscript for Black people who conceived of and erected, Afrotopia
in New Mexico. Moreover, Blackdom was inclusive enough to buttress the agency of Black
women. Timothy uses creative, academic, and entrepreneurial skills to teach New Black History
with captivating techniques that were unavailable to historians a few years ago. His art subtly
challenges the tri-cultural narrative of New Mexico’s history.
Every element is intended to incite the conscience to quarantine racially to emphasize the
humanness of historical agents. Blackdom was a real place that embodied the intentions of Black
folks. Timothy’s art is intended to reflect the regenerative space Blackdomites envisioned a
hundred years ago. He intends to conjure images to bring Blackdom Oil Company, the chapter
of history (Blackdom’s Boom Times, 1919-1929) to the forefront.

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